Request for expression of interest for the EIP-AGRI Workshop ‘Opportunities for farm diversification in the circular bioeconomy’



Rencontre thématique
Agriculture, Développement rural, Economie, Environnement, Innovation, Mise en réseau, Ressources naturelles

The EIP-AGRI network is organising a two-day Workshop ‘Opportunities for farm diversification in the circular bioeconomy’

It will take place on 6-7 February 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and we are looking for participants!

Farmers and farmers' organisations, foresters, entrepreneurs, SMEs, start-ups, advisory services, universities, research technology organisations, EU rural networks and anyone who may have relevant ideas or experience with engaging in, designing and/or developing circular bioeconomy activities linked to agriculture and/or forestry across Europe are invited to apply. We would like to hear your past experiences and future projects.

Scope and objectives
The circular economy can be an important source of diversified and stable income for farmers and foresters as well as a factor for high quality job creation, competitiveness and growth in rural areas, not least by creating business opportunities based on modern digital technologies and innovative business practices. By adopting innovative business models that make better use of waste streams, including the recovery of nutrients, farmers and foresters can make a significant contribution to a more circular and resource-efficient economy in the EU’s rural areas.

The workshop will look at the various business models farmers and foresters could potentially adopt to take advantage of circular bioeconomy markets, for example:

  • By developing intermediary products
  • By developing joint initiatives with industry
  • On their own by developing particular products

If you are interested in participating, please fill in the application form before 31 October 2018.

Please note that, given the limited number of available seats, we cannot accommodate all requests for participation. The organisers will confirm your attendance after an assessment of the applications received, approximately by the end of November.